Monster Hearts Edit

Monster Hearts are a rare drop from non-boss, non-undead, non-human monsters. These fantastic items do not take up an item slot, and grant new abilities based on the monster's skills. Only one monster heart may be carried at once; if a character obtains a second heart, the character must to choose between the new and old one. Monster hearts gain experience at the same rate characters do while in his/her possession, and with enough experience, it may level up into a stronger form which grants additional skills. Monster hearts may not be traded between players.

Known Monster Hearts Edit

  • Slime Heart: Increases Evasion by 4 and allows 1 free use of Eau de Slime per day.
    • Red Slime Heart: Evolves from Slime Heart. Allows one free use of Eau de Überslime per day.
    • Snaily Heart: Evolves from Red Slime Heart. Increases Agility by 1 and Allows one free cast of Upper per day.
    • Fangslime Heart: Evolves from Red Slime Heart. Increases Strength by 1 and increases Crit by 1.
    • Boxslime Heart: Evolves from Red Slime Heart. Increases HP by 1 and grants PHYS SAVER.
    • Drakslime Heart: Evolves from Red Slime Heart. Increases Evasion by an additional 8.
    • Spotslime Heart: Evolves from Red Slime Heart. Increase HP by 1 and allows slimes summoned by eau de slime or eau de uberslime to stay for the entire battle (once per day).
  • Drakee Heart: Increases Agility by 1 and allows 1 free cast of Speedup per day.
    • Magidrakee Heart: Evolves from Drakee Heart. Grants innate MENT SAVER ability (magic resistance)
    • Drakeema Heart: Evolves from Magidrakee Heart. Increases Agility by an additional 1 and allows 1 free cast of Fireball per day.
    • Drakeepa Heart: Evolves from Drakeema Heart. Grants innate PHYS SAVER ability (magic resistance)
  • Babble Heart: Increases Evasion by 4 and grants innate Poison Strike ability (chance of poison on physical attack)
    • Magibabble Heart : Evolves from Babble Heart. Grants Sleep Strike ability (chance of sleep on physical attack)
  • Scorpion Heart: Increases Strength by 1 and allows 1 free cast of Increase per day.
    • Metal Scorpion Heart: Evolves from Scorpion Heart. Grants innate PHYS SAVER ability (magic resistance)
  • Healer Heart: Increases MP by 1 and allows 1 free cast of Awake per day.
    • Man O'War Heart: Evolves from Healer Heart. Grants Toxic Strike ability (chance of sleep and poison on physical attack)
  • Man-eater Moth Heart : Increases Crit by 1
    • Poison Moth Heart : Evolves from Man-eater Moth Heart.  Allows 1 free cast of surround per day.
    • Stingwing Heart: Grants Numb Strike ability (chance of paralysis on physical attack).
  • Wolf Heart : Increases HP by 2 and grants/allows Howl
    • Wolflord Heart : Evolves from Wolf Heart. Increases HP by additional 2 (4 total) and allows 1 free cast of stopspell per day
  • Shadow Heart : Increases Evasion by 16 and grants Regen
    • Demon Knight Heart: Increases AGI by 2 and allows the user to throw a bone-a-rang once per day.
    • Vile Shadow Heart: Curses wearer.


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